✨ 🐘 follow some STS on mastodon

Where is science and technology studies (STS) happening on Mastodon?

This page provides a list of some STS accounts which you can follow. You can decide if you want to follow some or all of the accounts in the list. You are provided with a .csv file, which you can upload in Mastodon in order to follow those you select. Here you can find brief instructions on how to do this. You can follow and post with the #STS hashtag.

This is an opt-in list. Accounts are only addded with explicit consent with this form, plus a DM for confirmation (see below).

Account, name, and profile link

If you'd like to be added or removed from the list please fill in this form and DM @jwyg@post.lurk.org to confirm. It would help if suggested accounts explicitly mention STS somewhere in bio or links.

Code can be found on GitHub repository, forked from this list of sociologists by David Adler, Thomas Haase & Hendrik Erz.